The Truth Will Always Be Known

Mr & Mrs Wallace
Mr & Mrs Wallace

My WordPress Blog is subject to my busy life. It would be brilliant to write an article every week and build a massive following. However, it is my intention to live and enjoy every minute of my life, and this blog seems to become neglected. In a way, this is a great statement, because it proves I am living in a way all humans should live. That is to get the very best from every minute, waste not a one because the final sleep is the inevitable outcome.

All effort is rewarded, and anyone who knows Carol and I know we help people in any way we can. Yes, we have had one or two disappointments when people let us down. But this is part of life, and we are strong enough to look ahead not to the past. We have to give without conditions, helping someone to find their feet again is “the right way” never doubt it. The sentiment here is this, if we give, help and support people we understand the meaning of love. Do not think this is a sentimental comment, giving is tough and takes effort. Life takes effort, illness, overcoming difficult situations takes effort, the more we accept this, the better our lives become.

I should comment, we work hard at our shop, the shows and on the internet. Success is not given, it has to be earned. We have to be as unique as possible and have a recognisable identity. My wife Carol is known as “Crystal Carol” and believe me; the title has taken many years of hard work to acquire. Over the years many have attempted to copy Carol and how could they become who she is? It is simply not possible; unless you work to create your own identity, the only way is to copy the successful.

Crystal Carol
Crystal Carol

One of my greatest pleasures is watching people working to find success. They work to make their life and the lives of others better by knowing them. Ian Timothy and Liz Clark are two such people. I watch their plans, and unique ideas grow and come to fruition. Yes, they are personal friends, but this essay is not influenced by our friendship. It is written from knowledge and experience of attending various events around the country.

Carol and I have exhibited at events for twenty years. We have attended the good, bad, and indifferent, and there is one which is unique. Before continuing it must be clear: I am NOT criticising other event organisers, they work hard in a challenging environment. We have always enjoyed a decent amount of success at the shows and are thankful people organise them. I am very conscious of writing this essay, and it is written because of the effort, foresight and determination of the two people central to this post.

Ian and Liz began their event business four years ago and its been pretty low profile. I attended their shows as a visitor, and the atmosphere was just superb. The feedback I received from exhibitors was truly excellent. Last month, Carol and I attended their Trowell Event as exhibitors. Without a second thought, I will state the show was excellent. Let’s not run away here; there were a few exhibitors who did not fair well. Maybe inexperience or setting to higher an expectation could have been the reason for the lack of success. However, the fact is, for the type of event and cost of the stands the show worked, and we will certainly return to this event.

It is important to understand my viewpoint; it is from the perspective of an exhibitor. I can without any doubt write, Liz and Ian have a unique attitude toward the shows. There has never been an organiser who has 1) spoken so insistently about community 2) written so extensively about working together 3) worked to produce an incredible “atmosphere” in the shows 4) changed the way visitors perceive the shows. Indeed on this last point, I replied to an essay on their blog nearly two months ago: The article was called “Why Visit a Well-Being Event” I said, “I have never seen our shows described in this way before.” And today I read a slightly adapted version of this essay on another website! On the same site I also read a version of Liz and Ian’s ethos, the words had been slightly changed, there was no mistaking the source.

I am an exhibitor of twenty plus years experience and believe me I watch and read everything which goes on in the exhibition circuit. Liz and Ian have started a unique style of show and those who copy them, demonstrate they have little imagination. I suppose there is an element of fear that Ian and Liz may set to higher standards. What I do know is this: Ian and Liz are the first events company to work a full-time WordPress Blog for Exhibitors: They have an excellent exhibitor interaction with updates and transparency: They have demonstrated their desire to make the visitor entrance fee affordable. They interact closely with visitors and listen to their comments. The certainty is, Liz and Ian have changed the way visitors, and exhibitors see their shows.

As far as I can remember they were the first to talk and write about new reasons to visit a well-being show. (Read the essay “Why Visit a Well-Being Event” which expands upon their thoughts.) They ask exhibitors to work together and desire exhibitors to achieve the goal of covering overheads and going on to make a profit. There are fairness and openness in the financial aspects of their business. There is no doubting they are innovators. It is evident their fourteen years as exhibitors are very much behind the changes they have made.

I write this essay because I read a FaceBook post-Ian put up this morning he said:-

“At this moment I know LizianEvents have created something very special. How do I know? Because people are copying our format and ideas. The rule of the internet is: all is evident. And the first in are always the leaders.”

I have thought about these words a few times today, and this is the reason for this essay. You see Ian’s right, but not only from his point of view. His word’s work for all of us, once someone copy’s your work they evidence their weakness. There are others who have the same opinion as me; you can copy Ian Timothy as much as you like. You will never be Ian Timothy.

I will finish with two thoughts…

“When a man leads other will follow.”
“Some people are guiding lights, and others carry the torch.”

It is my experience, those who carry the torch, lose their way when the flame is extinguished.

Live Life Well Campbell

2 thoughts on “The Truth Will Always Be Known

  1. Enjoyed reading that and I am sure it does take time in your busy life. Lovely to hear you are keeping well and enjoying life, that’s all that matters.
    we are all responsible for ourselves as adults,and we owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the full

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