Campbell Wallace
Campbell Wallace

I am Campbell Wallace and I am a double lung transplant survivor. Some time ago a team of incredible people changed my life. During my recovery, I began to write a book about my experience of living with a serious life-threatening lung disease and the subsequent lung transplant which gave me my life back.

Like many things in life, it evolved into something else! And very soon you will be able to buy the book titled ‘Second Chance’ and read the story of the transplant and more importantly how my words can help those who are facing a similar experience.

Life takes us on many journeys some memorable, some we would sooner forget. My most difficult journey began when I realised I was becoming a ‘little’ short of breath. Like many diseases, the progress is almost imperceptible until the day comes when the possibility of a premature end becomes a reality. Then the professionals are invited to look into the problem. Before long a diagnosis is made and then choices have to be considered. Along the way, you come across differing opinions and thank goodness (if you live in the U.K) you can assess and to some degree make up your mind as to the treatment you feel is best for you.  Once I had decided upon what I felt was best for me the process began. When you read my book you will not discover too much about the procedures involved, because time and incredible advances in medical science change the methodology for the better as each month goes by. What you will read is a book specifically written for anyone who is within a serious illness or facing difficult and extensive surgery.

Within the next paragraph, you will discover the whole ethos and explanation of ‘Second Chance’.

If you are beginning the journey I’ll give you an important piece of advice. Try not listen to anyone other than the team who look after you. Fear is manifest by well-meaning people who know nothing other than internet scaremongering. After reading ‘Second Chance’ I feel sure you will feel able to allow me, Campbell Wallace, to be by your side with my words. If you are a family member caring for a patient you are not left out. ‘Second Chance’ has a few insights gained from living with the reality of serious and life-threatening illness and you may discover your help is needed in areas you may not have considered.

The team of people who changed my life know that I can never thank them enough for their skills, knowledge, wisdom and unending dedication to the wellbeing of their patients. You will discover who looked after me and where when you read ‘Second Chance’.

After enjoying considerable success a new edition of Second Chance will be available in March 2018.

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