Campbell’s Mission

Campbell talks about transplants and those who do not follow the aftercare rules. This video provides a deep insight into Cam’s thoughts about life and the reason to live. He comments on financial difficulties during illness. His commentary is varied and candid, it like being part of a good conversation. Well worth ten minutes, get a cup of coffee, a biscuit, and sit back and enjoy the moment.

I hope you enjoy the interview – I will be writing about my talk at the LizianEvents Well Being Event at Newark 16&17 September in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Campbell’s Mission

  1. Enjoyed listening to the interview, and the insight into the journey.It is good to hear frank opinions and who would know better,having taken that journey.
    continue to stay well and spread the word. we can all worry and complain about things that really have no importance.It takes something like this to put life into perspective.
    look forward to hearing about your next step on the journey.


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