60th Birthday

Here I am at a special land mark. Sixty years of life. You can see from the picture my physical shape was non to good. Look below at the cover picture of my soon to be published book the changes are incredible.

Campbell Wallace Second Chance B:C
Campbell Wallace Second Chance B:C

Patience is an asset needed when waiting for a transplant. So much depends on other people and their expertise. Here is the lesson for you all today. If you want something to be good sometimes you have to let the experts take control and you have to have the patience to allow them to do their work. When I raced rally cars much of the victory was in the preparation. Watching gifted drivers lose the race because the car is poorly prepared is a sorry experience even though the desire is to beat them! It is exactly like life. Enter the race poorly prepared or before the foundations are deep enough there may well be problems ahead.

Many of the chapters in ‘Second Chance’ can be tough reading, remember though I wrote it for those who may have to face a major challenge. To win when life is pretty good is difficult. To win when the odds are beginning to stack up needs strength and patience. Strength comes from the inner being, family and friends is the preparation.  The power of patience, clear understanding and faith in the wisdom of those who care is the race.

The proofreader is saying no later than the 14th May for my final read through, hopefully non to many changes and the book will be on Kindle and available from Amazon as a paperback as soon as the final tweaks are made. If you are going to write a book think about a commitment of a year and the time scale will be near. I’ll guide you to one real lesson. Never rush the proofreader.

BBC Breakfast Interview

A late evening phone call which results in an early morning start!

I do not want to be seen as a caped crusader fighting the corner for more transplant donors. I would like to be known as a man who has been given a second chance to live a new and wonderful life. Without the incredible gift from my donor and the consent of the donors family yours truly would not be breathing air and enjoying every second of my life.

I receive the call to go to the television studios and talk about ‘The National Transplant Memorial’ Donors and transplants. Pictures speak louder than words watch the interview below.

Thanks to Nib Nib for the link.