Campbell’s Mission

Campbell talks about transplants and those who do not follow the aftercare rules. This video provides a deep insight into Cam’s thoughts about life and the reason to live. He comments on financial difficulties during illness. His commentary is varied and candid, it like being part of a good conversation. Well worth ten minutes, get a cup of coffee, a biscuit, and sit back and enjoy the moment.

I hope you enjoy the interview – I will be writing about my talk at the LizianEvents Well Being Event at Newark 16&17 September in my next post.

Donor Appeal

Campbell Wallace
Campbell Wallace

I was recently approached become an ambassador for The National Organ Donor Register. I only needed to be asked once. Here is the official announcement:-

If you could save a life would you? 

Right now, there are around 6,500 people across the UK waiting for an organ transplant. 

You could help someone in need of a transplant in future by signing up as an organ donor.  

If you donate your organs when you die you could save or improve the lives of up to nine people, and help even more if you donate tissue and corneas.

We need as many people as possible to register their commitment to becoming organ donors so if they die in circumstances where their organs or tissue could be used to help others, authorised NHS Blood and Transplant staff can see what they wanted to happen.

We know many people don’t want to think about their own death but patients waiting for a transplant depend on people of all ages thinking about whether they want to save lives when they die and registering their decision to become a donor.  Every potential donor is precious as only around 5,000 people across the UK each year die in circumstances where they could donate their organs. 

If you want to save lives as an organ donor sign up on the NHS Organ Donor Register, share your decision with your family and make clear to them that you want them to support this decision if your organs can be used when you die. 

Your age, nor any existing medical conditions should stop you from signing up and telling your family that you want to help others.

In the last year over 18,000 people joined the NHS Organ Donor Register in Manchester and Salford.  Join them to save and improve lives.

To coincide with this announcement Ian Timothy recorded an interview with ‘yours truly’ which provides some insight into being a transplant patient. During the interview I talk about my early life and how lessons learned in childhood influenced the way I dealt with my illness. The interview was recorded on 19th Febuary in Newark.


Many people ask me about finding inner strenght during illness. I am writing an extensive post about learning to understand serious illness which will be posted on 16th March.

Enjoy Life – And Live it – Campbell