Donor Ambassador Campbell Wallace

Cam Donor Ambassador
Here’s… Campbell !!!

If you are a visitor to Manchester, you may have noticed the National Donor Register Campaign posters. It is the strangest of feelings to see yourself on the massive billboard. They say a picture says a thousand words. And the exert from a recent interview explains what the posters are all about.


Make one click on your computer and five minutes of your time answering a few questions and your registered. You can hover and click on the pictures on the page, and it will link you straight to the page. And then you become part of an exclusive community which makes a commitment to help strangers return to a better life; in the event of premature death.

True Fans
True Fans

One way of considering why we would consider entering onto the register. You leave the ultimate gifts. It does not matter how wealthy you are possessions are worthless in the final sleep. And yet, the gift of your organs are worth all the material wealth in the world. If your desire is to leave a testament to your growth as a human being, this one act surpasses any other bequest.

Live life – Stay Happy – Campbell