It’s Been A While


Campbell Wallace
Campbell Wallace

‘Second Chance’ is now fully published and available on Kindle or direct purchase soft cover from myself (link at the bottom of this page). Now the sales promotion is out of the way, let’s continue to the post.

‘Second Chance’ has three objectives; To help the patient and family become free of worry. To guide all who are facing life threatening disease and major surgery to face the illness and procedures in the best possible way. And, to give an insight as to why we should carefully consider signing on to the National Donors Register.

From the conversations I have had so far, the probability is I have succeeded in all these objectives. You may read the last sentence and comment ‘That’s a little presumptuous of you Cam’ and or course you would be right. My point of view is this; I desire for people to become aware of the ways they can prepare and help themselves in the most difficult of situations. The worst situation any man can be in is when they are ill. Forget your money crisis, your fall out with your wife because you fail to talk to her. Forget your car breaking down or the ignorant man who thinks your driving is useless. Forget the child who you’ve told for the eight thousandth time to put his school clothes in the wash basket. None of these situations matters and all can be forgiven, forgotten or worked out. However, when you are ill, you are in a no man’s land. Apart from your doctor, consultant, and medical staff, very few people can help you with your plight. The reason is simple; they have not experienced the problem. This is why I shout out to let people know about my book and its sentiments.

We all like evidence so here is an exert from a short note sent to me by Simon E-C.

‘Just to tell you that I was always reluctant to go on the donor register as I can’t bear the thought of anyone cutting me, alive or dead! I saw you at your worst when you didn’t even have the energy to stand up once all weekend at an event somewhere or other. You were frail; beyond description. Now you are brimming with life and energy and are truly transformed. I have just registered online to donate all of my organs and have included my good looks and hair. They’ll have to wait for you if they want chipmunk-style cheeks and a pan scrub hair-do! God bless you both, lovely peeps xx.’

That’s the evidence of how other people saw me. It also is evidence that people are listening to my message. Here is another milestone and a significant one to mention.
An Asian family contacted me to say that after reading ‘Second Chance’ all of them have now signed up to the Organ Donor Register. Thanks to all of you.

I have had many people inform me that they have also signed the register. I’m looking forward to your e-mail to tell me you have done so too. Once we make a commitment to help others, it will benefit our life. There are thousands of people in the world who are healthy today and illness will affect their lives join the future. Imagine if you were told ‘The only way you can survive will be a transplant’, and then you reflect that you have never thought of or are part of the donor registration system. Can you read the connotation within this statement? I hope so because life is for living and sharing is a fantastic way to say, ‘I care for you’.

It is fine for an individual to receive a donor’s organ even if they have never been part of the registry. I know this much, it’s get’s a whole lot easier if you have already made the commitment.

Illness is not easy; it can be an arduous journey. Illness is NOT a game; it is serious experience, and that is why Campbell Wallace has a loud voice. It is my desire for people to overcome the problem and return to health and future. If this means I have to coax a few people into action, so what. A kick in the pants often gets one moving.

Live Life Well


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