Second Chance


It has taken some time and although I have encountered few slight setbacks and delays ‘Second Chance’ is now available from Amazon in its paperback form.  Before I write further allow me to recap upon where ‘Second Chance’ is available. My book can be downloaded from Kindle or purchased as a paperback from Amazon books. Links are at the bottom of the static page of this WordPress site and the picture below will take you to Amazon.

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Sometimes we have to shout up! So allow me to post three unedited review’s received on the Amazon platform

A book is a difficult proposition. There are three obstacles – one is writing it, two is getting it into print – three is promoting it. Once steps one and two are complete the most difficult of all step three takes over completely. The writer is in the hands of the reader who has read the book.  He needs reviews and shares to make the book a success. It is my desire that, ‘Second Chance’ becomes a success not for a personal financial gain (although I’m not saying a few extra pounds would not go amiss!) The success I desire is for the messages my book has within its chapters.

We have to face the hard truth that we may be within a serious illness at some time in our life journey. There is also the probability that someone we love or know has to go through a long period of illness which will involve the inevitable tests to diagnose the problem and then may have to undergo one or more surgical procedures. This is why the book was written, not for myself, not for someone who has a passing interest in transplant surgery, but for everyone who is suffering a serious illness and is facing surgery of any type.

There are no miracle cures within this book, not every answer is given. In truth there is little no information or description of the tests or in-depth information with regard to any aspect of illness!  You may ask ‘Why not?’ I will answer ‘Because every illness is slightly different, each will be carried for in a different way’. What can be discovered within the pages are ways of making an illness easier to cope with. From my actual and all to real experience I can talk of the real certainties that need to be faced and how one can by clear appraisal work with ones illness, not ‘fight it’ – ‘understand it’.

If you know someone who is ill, if you know someone who is awaiting surgery or if you would like to enter into how I worked with and became well again ‘Second Chance’ will proved answers to important questions.

Allow me to show you an image – This is me in February 2012 – So you are under no doubt I will comment that I did not believe I had long to live.

Me Feb 2012

Below is the result of miracle of transplant surgery and our Health Service.

Me in 2015

The journey, the illness, the love which surrounds me can be found between the two pictures. You can read the factual story of my ‘Second Chance’.

I humbly ask you to share this post. I ask you share the post on FaceBook. Even if you do not know me you may know someone who is facing their own ‘Second Chance’.

Live Life Well


2 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. I spoke to you this afternoon, and look forward to receiving and reading your book.I have contacted the publisher too,thank you. no matter what illness tou have,it is good to be able to empathise with someone who has been,or going through the same kind of illness.
    I believe we meet or are put in touch with people for a reason,all part of our spiritual journey. thank you. susan Walker

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