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Near the finishing line
Near the finishing line

My book ‘Second Chance’ is near the finishing line so just a little patience now. It a long race writing a book and waiting for the proofreader and final checks to the small details. Once its published I do not want to have to make any changes to the book. I know we are near, just a few more days.

To give you an idea of the content here are three paragraphs from the book:-

“For an insight into the way illness effected my life, my wife Carol has written the next chapter. It contains her recollections of my illness, transplant and recovery. I have bribed her to write a superb appraisal of my wonderful personality and what it is like to be married to a perfect human being (the cheques in the post by the way Carol). In the penultimate chapter I consider certain feelings and experiences which have become my philosophies for life.”

10th January 2013
“Let’s see what happens today a lot can change in this place. The last of the drains and catheter have been removed and I’m able to walk across the ward and even told to slow down it was not a race. I thought ‘Maybe not for you but it is for me.’ I am now 2 week post op and able to walk about on my own it’s amazing. Hopefully, not long till I’m on the recovery ward.”

“One has to reason that this is the way life is, there will be greedy and selfish individuals in all aspects of life, the benefit of being a donor is to show yourself as being part of a human race, not part of a selfish inhumanity. I believe a donor is an example of the power of human determination to persue kindness, happiness and love.”

Second Chance is a many facetted book. It will take the reader on an emotional and factual journey… Second Chance is near the finishing line.


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